RV Foundations


RV Safety Foundations presents a basic knowledge and understanding of the various systems and issues that every RVer needs to know. The subscription lasts for a year.

RV Driving Safety

$49.95/3 days

This National Safety Council / RVIA / RVDA supported Driving Safety course is designed to provide you with helpful driving information and is intended to help make your driving experience a safe one. This course subscription will be available for 3 days to complete after purchase.

Truck Trailing Matching


Understanding and Calculations for properly determining the capability of a tow vehicle for use with a Travel Trailer or an RV Fifth Wheel.

Air Brakes

$19.95/3 days

This course provides the Motorhome owner with a basic understanding of how RV air brake systems function and the few simple tests to insure proper operation. This program tracks with state requirements and will prepare the RV owner to pass the required demonstration of airbrake testing proficiency, where applicable.

RV Weight & Tire Safety

$9.95/3 days

Educate RV owners on weight and Tire issues related to loading and operating their RV within established ratings and safety limitations.