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RV Driving Safety

The course subscription will be availible for 7 days after the purchase is made.

This program encourages the safest and most responsible driving on the road!

The major objectives of this program are:

  • To Increase Driver Awareness
  • Identify Our Abilities
  • Understand and Identify Our Vehicle
  • Determine Conditions That Affect Driving
  • Make Participants Safer Drivers

This program is endorsed by: The National Safety Council / RVIA / RVDA

Many insurance companies offer a discount for completion of this program. Check with your agent / insurance company for qualifying discounts.

Comprehensive Overview of Safe Driving

  • Preparation
  • Weight & Tire Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Know Your Abilities
  • Driving Basics
  • Braking
  • Towing
  • etc.
Duration: 7 Days
Price: $49.95