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A coupon or subscription code provides a varied discount from the purchase price of the course. Register or Sign-up for the course. This can be done from the Get Course Listing page or from one of the courses lesson pages. Click the sign-up button for the specific course and you will be taken to the Course Registration Form for that course. Complete the form and in the bottom section Labeled Payment Information there is a coupon field. After inserting the code in the coupon field the discount will be applied to the course. Finish the registration and enjoy the course. An account will be created for you, if you do not already have an account, and you will now have access to the course. Enjoy!
  1. Coupon codes are most often only available for a specific course. Make sure that the code is being used for the course from which is was intended. Each course has its own specific registration or sign-up page.
  2. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between a zero "0" and a capital letter "O" OR an "I" for the numeral "1". Occasionally folks accidentally type in a zero "0" for a letter O or a letter O for a zero "0". Often the font that is used on various printed materials helps because the zero "0" is more narrow or squished in on the sides, while the capital letter "O" is more round like a circle. Likewise "I's" may not have any serifs while the numeral one has a small serif at the top and maybe the bottom "1" Try substituting a zero "0" or capital letter "O" or a "1" for an "I", if the code includes these place holders.
  3. Lastly, It is possible that the coupon code is expired, depending on where the code was provided. Check the location where the code was provided to see if there is a time or date limit to the code. An expired code is possible if the code was provided by the RV Updates Newsletter or given at a live training event.
The website uses some protective software to help prevent nefarious folks from trying to improperly gain access to the site. After a few unsuccessful log-ins over a short amount of time, the site will temporarily block the IP address for a certain amount of time. The site security software thinks that some one is trying to do damage to the website site by using an automated process to gain access. So, The security feature temporarily blocks the site to that IP address. If this happens then check back after 15 minutes or so, you should be able to attempt logging in again. If this is done too many times, then the IP address will be permanently blocked. If you have forgotten or misplaced the password or username, it can retrieved or reset from the log-in page.

When logged in to your account, the top/main menu will include a Certificates menu item where the list of completed course Certificates may be downloaded.

Usually this is because one or more of course videos/lessons in the course have not been fully watched, therefore, the course has not been completed. When one is logged in and going through the course the site software keeps track of how much of each video has been watched. Computer technology is more and more sophisticated. This information is stored in the account and will mark the video lesson completed when the video has been fully watched. One thing that can be a little confusing is that a video or lesson may be marked as "viewed" in the course lesson list but this does NOT mean that the lesson has been completed. Each video lesson must be fully watched from beginning to the end and each quiz must be passed with a score of 70 percent for the certificate to be issued. Once the course is completed the certificate will appear on the certificate page. Even the Introduction video must be fully watched. If you watched it before registering for the class, it will need to be watched again when you are logged in to the course.

One rare instance that might occur is that the Course Introduction video/lesson may not have been logged as completed in the account. Each courses introduction video/lesson is freely available to the public, which means that one does not have to be logged in to watch the introduction video/lesson. If an individual watches the introduction and then gets a subscription to the course, the introdcution video would need to be watched again, while logged in, so that the introdcution lesson could be logged as completed for the certificate to be issued. Watching the Introduction when not logged in and subscribed to the course may cause that lesson to be marked as "viewed" but will not be marked as completed for the course and a certificate will not be issued until the introduction video/lesson is watched while logged into the account.